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Doing DMT for the first time tonight.

Will be sending love to every living being,

wish me luck!


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I Want To Slow Dance To Your Circadian Rhythms, And Bathe In The Lucid Liquidity Of Your Melatonin. I Yearn To Know Where Your Consciousness Goes On It’s Nocturnal Odysseys. 




If you are sad and anxious it is because you are too focused on your self. Turn your eyes outward. Be kind and compassionate even in the smallest things. Do this and that dark heaviness will disappear like snow on a sunny hillside.

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The irony of the human condition is that we are so focused on reaching some point in our journey, some happiness, some goal, that we seem to forget that the journey is life itself.

Love and be love.

Artist: iskander1989

Treat your body right and the mind will follow.

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